Thursday, August 26, 2010

all about Belle

There are so many days that your sister takes center stage without anyone really noticing it, so I decided I needed a blog just about you!  You take my breath away every day and I absolutely adore you and the beautiful girl you are inside and out.  You've never complained why your life isn't fair.  I think it's because you don't know any different or you are like me and your daddy and simply don't care.  This is our life and it's crazy, but we like it.  We seem to fit into it like it was meant for us.  I often hear people talking about going through life and feeling out of place.  I can't imagine how God could've put our five puzzle pieces together in such an unusual way to make such a perfect picture of "us". 

When I describe you I usuallys say, "I couldn't have put together a better fit to our family even if I had sent a request to God."  Like your grandpa says, "The Lord outdid himself on that one!"  

You're 6... almost 7.  You will start the 2nd grade at St. Rose this year along with Abby for the 2nd year in a row.  We had a hard time deciding to send you this year because we both so love having you around that we would've preferred to homeschool you, but it seems that school is where you desperately want to be.  So we obliged you again this year.  Last year was a trial of sorts.  After having two extra foster babies in the house, you were a 2nd mom rather than a little girl.  You are so capable and helpful that you step right in and take care of the babies, but you are still so much a little girl too.  We decided you needed to be that little girl, so we let you have your own world at school.  I lacked the time and energy to get involved much, so it really was your world entirely and I think you needed that.  This year I hope will be a bit different as I'd like to be around more to see about the quality of education.  Your class will be only eight kids this year, so it looks great for you! 

You are truly one of the nicest girls I know.  You seem to get along with everyone and you love to be around everyone all the time.  You like to be on the go.  I so often just want you here, but you love to be out and about whenever you have the time.

This is going to be fun writing about you getting bigger!  I love you "My Belle"