Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

I had to post most of our Christmas fun on Belle's sight becuase she still enjoys it all the most!  MaryAlice is starting to get into the idea, but at two she's pretty oblivious outside of her awe of all the decorations.  She loves the decorations!  Belle still takes the cake in overall enjoyment of... everything!  She loves it all from the visits to Bentlyville to all the parties and playing in the snow!  I love doing life with this angel!  She lifts my spirits and just loves being with us.  She likes us as much as we like us!  She's so me!  So utterly easily amused.  So here's the Christmas roll...

We started they holidays with a visit to Bentlyville with the Tanners.  Some of the highlights were the bundled up Moores vs. the barely clothed Tanners.  Nearly all of them lacked coverings for hands or head and jackets were optional.  Needless to say, we rushed through it which suited us perfectly with a two year old in tow.  They were all just as happy to get to the pizza place for dinner!  What a fun night!
Belle & I sported our beautiful matching fur hats that Ethel had made for us last year

maryalice was just along for the ride

Ian, Graham & Belle sipping their hot cocoa or "chocolate water" as Belle calls it!
 Belle did a great job with her classmates and the rest of the school at their Christmas concert!  She looked an awful lot like her Auntie from afar :)

Belle eating up her time with Grandma and Grandpa who enjoyed the concert with us

Christmas morning was just fun and relaxing!

Belle would play outside for hours!  This day we played together!

Grandma makes the girls amazing matching doll clothes each year!