Thursday, May 26, 2011

fashion party

One of Belle's friends had a fashion themed birthday party.  We had a lot of fun picking out fancy to walk the catwalk.  Belle had a ball!

Oral surgery

not so happy with mom wanting to document this
It's funny how many times Abby has been under for some procedure or another, but how nervous I was when Belle had to go through it.  It was a deja vu moment.  It suddenly brought me back to Abby's first procedure and all the nerves I stuffed somewhere came back.  Abby has issues, but Belle... My Belle.  It was all about real life and typical kids.  Belle had an issue.  She doesn't have "issues".

I find myself "giving them back to God"
over and over and over again
I try to hang on to them and forget who's really in control
I want to protect them
It's my job, right?
No... it's not
getting ready for the monkey gas
My job is to point my girl to the one who can protect her
Who will never leave her nor forsake her
To place her hand in the one who's the Rock, unchanging
To be human along with her and glorify our God together
To Reflect the God I love

I put her in His capable hands on this day
His reminder to me that He loves and cares for her far better than I ever could
Not a big life threatening deal
Oral surgery
Pretty routine, but...
I grew this day along with her and knew the moment she told me she was scared as we wrapped up our pre-surgery shopping therapy at Justice that this was what this was all about...
She needed to rely on her faith this day
not mine

Oh how I love this girl!