Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was great again this year!  I decided it deserved to be on Belle's blog because she's the one who enjoys all the get-togethers the most.  MaryAlice  too loves the friends, but Belle is the one who truly  loves all the events.  She'd be at one daily if it was up to her :)

We enjoyed a completely gluten/dairy free meal and it was delicious!  Dad and Ben were even with us.  They're usually hunting over Thanksgiving, so it was a rare treat.  Dad even added pheasant to our traditional turkey meal. 

We made family history with a family picture.  It wasn't great or even really good, but it was us...
all of us in one picture.

Uncle Ben spent the night with us & the girls loved it!

Grandpa & Grandma with grandkids... Abby goes for the hair!

The girlfriends!

Happy Abby loving Grandpa & everyone

this was a better representation of our pic event!

family pic too! 

The whole family!