Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Storybook Character Day

For St. Rose's storybook character dress up day Belle went as Fancy Nancy and boy was she ever "Fancy Nancy!"  She looked adorable! 

Father/Daughter Ball 2011

This year marked the first year Andy took Belle to the Father/Daughter Ball and Belle couldn't have been a better date!  She was ecstatic to say the least.  She & I spent the day getting her "all dolled up!"  We made a big day of it starting in the morning with a fresh shower and on to nail painting.  Not only did we paint them, but we put glitter in the paint and added glitter polish on top! 

The next couple hours we watched Cake Boss while I spiral curled her hair.  Her hair usually doesn't keep curls very well, but all the hair spray that we never use must've paid off because these curls lasted for days!
She picked out a beautiful brown dress Auntie Andrea had gotten for her for Christmas a year or so ago.  She added patten leather brown shoes to match.  To top it all off she put on her fancy wool coat that we never really get a chance to wear because our church is so casual and she's go entirely too many coats to choose from.  Abby always needed something different than what she had for some reason or another, so we often have duplicates of things like that.  I guess it's one of the benefits of having Abby as a big sister.  Some of her hand-me-downs are unworn.  

At around 3:00 we headed to our friend's house for pictures and to ride together in their bus for the big event!    They were all dressed up so cute and were positively glowing!  Our friends have five of their girls who go, so they also take grandpas and a couple good friends so each of the girls got to have their own date and didn't have to sit out or dance alone when it wasn't their turn to dance with Dad.  It just added to the fun for Belle as she loves "the friends." 

At the dance they met up with our good friend, Dan along with his beautiful daughter Kate and their foreign exchange student Pompoii (sp?).  The girls are in high school and took Belle under their wing and showed her how it was done.  Belle is often a bit shy when it comes to stuff like, but this night she go into it quite quickly and had a "Ball" (pun fully intended).  I still need to get more pics from Mr. Dan because he seemed to take more than Andy.  Don't they know that Mom wants to see it all? 


To top it all off Belle won a door prize... a huge bear!  She was beside herself with excitement! 

Belle and her buddy Hosanna posing pretties!