Monday, October 18, 2010

out of school

My poor Belle was out of school almost a whole week with a fever over 102 degrees and a dreadfully sore mouth.  The first couple of days she simply seemed to have a bug where she seemed fine during the day, but suffered from a high fever in the evenings.  A few days later the fever persisted throughout the day and sore gums accompanied the fever leaving us to assume her molars were coming in as two were just appearing and the other two well swollen.  A day later I begged her dentist to take a look as he determined an infection from the molars emerging.  He gave her antibiotics and prescribed a peroxide/water mouthwash a few times a day (it seemed simple, but was pure torture to her).  A couple days later her entire mouth seemed red and swollen without improvement, so we went to the pediatrician who said it was a viral infection that would go away in five to eight days.  As we were on the 7th day and seemingly improving, albeit slightly, this all made sense.  She was pitiful uncomfortable for the better part of a week, but on the bright side I so enjoyed having her around with me and MaryAlice!  I send her to school for her benefit alone right now.  If she didn't love it so much, it would be an easy decision to keep her home with us. 

Look at the honey.  I had to take some pics, so we could document our tough girl.  She's such a lightweight when it comes to injuries, but crazy tough when it comes to any sicknesses.  She has been known to wake up  in the middle of the night, go to the toilet to vomit and then come tell me.  She was no less amazing during this sickness.  What  a trooper!

Monday, October 11, 2010

7th Birthday party!

butterfly party...
Belle had her first girlfriend birthday party this past weekend.  We had so much fun with ten girls here!  Thanks to Grandma Mary, Auntie Andrea and Danielle it went smoothly.  The girls did some crafts first as they came in.  They made tissue flowers and wrapped them around their wrists as bracelets.  Then they decorated their bags for their stuff and took turns putting tatoos on. 

I missed getting pictures of Daddy giving rides on the go-kart we borrowed from a friend.  We thought a few would like a ride, but they soon all lined up for a turn!  Wish I had some pics of this.  Next we divided into two groups and along with Grandma and Auntie the groups had to perform ten stunts and take a pic of each.  The goofy group photos are those stunts.  It was my creative way of getting pics of all the friends posing.  They got into new groups and ran around for about half an hour looking for items in a scavenger hunt.  They are all such nice girls.  It was very cute how they were able to make friends with each other in such a short time.  I was really proud of them.  They were also very conscience of the younger girls and made a point to help them out whenever they could. 

back: Therese; Middle row:  Belle, Chloe, Anjolie, Tirzah, Natty & Isabel; front row:  Jaana, Jane & Audrey

Stunt game:  lie on the ground like sardines

act like an animal?


sitting on top of something

underneath something

sitting in a row with someone lying across the laps

in a vehicle making funny faces... Belle isn't doing it, I guess

Next we made homemade pretzels.  This was a shot in the dark since I'd never done it before, but if you know me I like new things so we went for it.  They turned out awesome!  The girls enjoyed them along with red chili (per Belle's request) on a blanket outside which was enough to call it a picnic.  Grandma became the waitress and "waited" on the girls.  We finished the party with cupcakes and outside to collect wood for a bonfire.  We invited the girls' families and our family over for a bonfire as they came to pick up their girls.  There's nothing quite like a bonfire and the weather cooperated fully!  We ended up roasting marshmallows and hanging out with friends until after 11 pm. 
Belle was in her element with a housefull of friends, but MaryAlice and Abby's reactions to all the friends in the house when they woke up from their marathon naps was priceless.  MaryAlice couldn't smile big enough and Abby wasn't too far off.  Abby usually hates all the noise and new commotion of a party, but she recognized the girls and was really happy to see them too!  The party was for our Belle, but it makes it so much nicer to have her sisters having fun too!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple utopia

Belle is happiest when we are out and about doing something... anything.  This is where she's like her daddy... and mama, I guess.  We went to Bayfield with the Tanners and she had a ball!  Her and Graham always have a great time together. 
Could you two stop long enough to pose?

always time to pose for the camera... I love this girl!

she's a pro

Mama's buddy

Daddy's girl

climbing a tree for the apples

by the water

Belle finally smiles for the camera!