Thursday, October 6, 2016

What I Love About You at 13

First day of school 8th grade

What I LOVE about you at thirteen!

  1. You've redeemed my view of middle school kids! All the crazy is more hysterical to me than puzzling and irritating like I thought it would be. 
  2. I love watching you start to know God as your God and take ownership of your relationship with Him. 
  3. Watching you stretch into a teenager with so much less drama than your peers is a gift (aside from the palmetto bug freak outs :)
  4. Watching you "friend" in a new place has been more impressive than most adults I know.
  5. Your loyalty to your people is beautiful
  6. You're so brave to start swim team this year as the oldest girl in the new group and just do your thing. You're not moved by starting a little late by swim standards and display a confidence I'm so very proud of. 
  7. You're Independence with school is a level of maturity not seen in some older kids and it is a gift to us. It's so great to see you take responsibility for your grades without constant nudging!
  8. Your confidence with school!
    SPIRIT WEEK: nerd day!
  9. Your ability to continue to enter new situations with new people in a new place without fear is something to behold. 
  10.  Your ability to "mom" your baby sister and any other toddler is so precious. The love between you is evident and makes me smile every day. 
    Belle and her "little buddy"
  11. The care-giving instinct you have with your sisters is natural and God given.
  12. Watching you guide Abby when needed and constantly clean up after her without regard for how unfair it can be is so lovely.
    significantly taller than Abby now!
  13. Your growing patience with your creative sister has been so sweet to see.
    Fixing MaryAlice's hair
  14. Your quick wit and sarcasm is nothing short of amazing! Keeping it in check as not to be disrespectful is a challenge for one that spouts it so naturally. One day you will join the ranks of two parents who speak fluent sarcasm and we will be so proud!
  15. Watching you is like watching myself grow up in more ways than I can count. I learn from watching you. It's hard to see my own faults, but more evident in you which helps me work on my weaknesses as I'm correcting you. ie... "You  We need to work on ______."
  16. I love to see you standing up for yourself and your people more. 
  17. I love that I can now wear your old shoes!
  18. Your non-verbal language is legendary (not sure where you got that).
  19. You're so easily amused that any outing or "stay date" thrills you
  20. You love family. Visiting family in MN and GA is always "the best" to you. 
  21. You have more grace for the people you love than I do, and it challenges me. 
  22. The level of logic you possess is brilliant!
  23. Our shared love of crafting!
  24. The glimpse of the friend you will be to this mom who adores you makes me tear up. I have to pull the mom card often yet because it's easy to just hang out and enjoy our time together rather than parent you.
  25. I'm so very proud of you and the person you are growing into! You are such a big piece of my heart running around outside my body!
Always a lot of fun and a good bit of crazy!
When you were young, I said I couldn't have given God a better list of such a perfect fit to our family, and that belief grows with each passing day! 
"Hey Belle!... we love you!!!"

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