Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I Love About You At 8!

It's more of a rare day that I get Belle to pose nicely for a pic these days!  Here's a bit about my mini me girl at eight:
  1. You've decided you like to do your own hair even though you have a mom who not only likes to do hair, but is actually pretty good at it!  It's a version of a high and low pony and maybe a braid.  You like to put in a clip, but anything more is over the top!  Every now and then we'll get a flower in, but they usually get dumped in the car on the way to church or wherever we're going.
  2. You still like school, but it's fallen a bit as it doesn't work to to get you up in the morning to whisper that it's okay to stay home today... you'll take me up on it now
  3. You like to paint your nails and be girly by dressing up, but the idea of wearing a skirt to school is ludicrous now
  4. You have the cutest laugh and still love to cuddle.  We curbed most of the middle of the night sneeking into bed with mom by putting another warm body with you... MA!
  5. I love to listen to you tickling your little sister and playing with her.  You're an amazing big sister!
  6. You've decided you want to play softball this year and have actually started to play catch with mom.  It's been like pulling teeth to get you to do before now and I decided not to push it, but I have to admit that I love playing with my girl!
  7. You've started to develop a sense of style.  You like to pick out your own clothes and definitely have an aversion to some stuff.  I'm so thankful for a dress code, so we only have two days a week to deal with clothes.  You discovered Justice much to my dismay because the clothes are so poorly made that they only last for one kid, but I'm learning to get deals so we can make it work!
  8. You still are Daddy's girl.  He's the one you want to be with above all others :)  I guess it makes sense since you're so much like the girl he married!
  9. You despise being noticed and do anything to not bring attention to yourself.  I often wonder how that works with a sister like Abby who gets stared at all the time.  We couldn't figure out why you wouldn't wear the new Twinkle Toes you picked out, but you finally admitted you didn't like how everyone commented on them whenever you wore them.  It took a bit, but now you wear them daily!
  10. You got an iphone this year w/o service as Mom got upgraded when Daddy did, but keep losing it becuase you are addicted to the idea of unlimited netflix.  It doesn't work with the 1/2 hour a day rule...
  11. Your cousin Tirzah is still your best buddy!  You two are so different, but it seems to work.  You've started to talk on the phone on a more regular basis even. 
  12. You are the youngest in your class, but sticking strong with A's and B's.  You're real solid when you try, but you don't care about perfection, but getting it done so you can go outside!
  13. Your work at a slow pace which makes sense because you're our kid.  You have so much going on in your head that you're easily distracted. 
  14. You have such a matter-of-fact way of looking at life.  You're not easily upset or moved by most of what takes place.  I think you take it in and process it later, since things often come out much later than when they took place. 
  15. You've very logical and you get sarcasm.  We've had to teach you (and us) that it's not always appropriate :)
  16. You are growing in your understanding of God and the Bible.  You take it all in as a lot of information, but we're looking forward to seeing you apply what you learn as you grow.  You've definitely had a profession of faith, but aren't sure about baptism yet as the idea of talking in front of a group is daunting.  We keep encouraging it, but feel when you're ready it will come.
  17. You're naturally such a nice girl and you make friends easily.  You like to please the adults in your life and once you favor someone it's a bit deeper.  You're not like your little sister who likes everyone.  You choose your people more carefully.
  18. Your little sister thinks you hung the moon.  She absolutely adores you and everything you do.  She gives you a hard time, but is devastated when you're not here. 

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