Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abby found Belle

Abby has been doing the back up onto a lot of laps these days, but this day she found her little sister's lap for the first time... so cute!  Belle was a bit caught off guard, but as you can see, they had a moment.  Belle has traditionally been such a competent caregiver.  No... she doesn't actually take care of Abby, but she's been able to direct care for her since she was three.  She's spent her days dodging a pinch or a pull, but not really connecting with her on any level like a sister would; whereas, MA go to see a more interactive Abby.  Belle is just starting to see Abby as a person to interact with.  They even shared the backseat of the van on the way down to GA this summer.  The slept through the night without Abby attacking!  Amazing...

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