Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When I grow Up...

For some odd reason Belle has been feeling the need to plan every last detail of her "grown up" life... Today! 
Earlier today we had a discussion that went something like this...
Belle: "I am NOT living in MN when I grow up"
Me:  (acting surprised) "Why not?"
B: "There's not enough snow here. I want to live somewhere where there is more snow.  We need snow and a prairie."
Me: "What for?"
B:  "Our farm... Well, Tirzah will be the farmer and I'll work in town and be a hair stylist or something. Can you go to college to be a farmer?"
Me: "sort of"
B: "Well, then we want to go to the same college together and we'll both become farmers. Can you home school college farming?"
Me: "Sort of but not really... kind of" (I'm not sure what to say here)
B:  "MaryAlice, do you want to live with me or Tirzah (I guess today was the deadline to decide)? Selah wants to live by me. We will need a big house because we're all going to have a lot of kids!  Maybe we'll have houses by each other. Tirzah can live on the farm and we'll live around her."
MA: (getting into the discussion) "I want to be a gardener and live in here with mom."
B:  "you can't live here and by us because we're not going to live in MN... maybe WI (I have no idea where that came from), GA or AL (because those three are soooo similar with WAY more snow)"

If that wasn't enough random laughs for the day, Belle has proceeded to make a book about what she wants to be when she gets older and she's planning to give it to Uncle and Miss Amanda at the rehearsal dinner (because that makes sense).  Maybe she wants them to live with her?
She just told me Grandma is going to publish it because she can make sure the book is good. 
She's drawing pictures of barns at this point. 

B: "Our husbands will have to stay home at Halloween"
Me: "What?" (I'm so lost in this randomness that I'm diminished to one or two word intelligible sentences at this point)
B:  (In her best 'are you stupid' voice with the equally demeaning facial expression) "To hand out candy to the kids who are trick or treating... and watch football, of course."
Me: "Sure" (still confused why we're deciding on who stays home on Halloween after she's married)

The girls have had heated discussions all day as Belle pressures MaryAlice into decisions she didn't know existed let alone have to make at four, such as who she is going to live with... or next to (they haven't decided if they will have one big house or each their own).  One discussion involved the formations of who would live where by the farm.  There were diagrams and hand gestures.  At one point I was trying to listen and be supportive, but it turned into something akin to playing a combinations of charades and pictionary. I was so confused by the urgency of completing these details and her frustration with me not reading her mind on the subject that I walked away mid sentence.  This didn't please her and she gave up with the line up of houses (for the moment).  Not sure when I've seen her more enraptured with a topic.  

MA just wants to garden.  She's stuck with that all day.  The topic reminded me today that the last occupation Belle wanted when she grew up was to be a Dentist.  I was content with that, but that dream faded when she had to have work done on her teeth and it included pain :(  I figured I needed to document these new occupations for future blackmail :)

They are finally to bed and I'm exhausted with all her plans; although, I am thinking of some choice questions on the topic to introduce tomorrow!  Maybe we can find out who they plan on marrying and what they will do with their parents!!!!  See, if I had more time to prepare for this insanity I could've played along much better and had more to document :D 

...Yes, Ashley, this is what we do for fun up here in the tundra :)

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